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Kala Ghoda Cafe

 Identity Design • Colour Theory • Type Study • Illustration

A well-conceived visual identity can help foster positive feelings about any kind of organization, the products it sells, or the services it provides. It is a silent yet powerful advocate that can help shape perceptions about an organization. Kala Ghoda Cafe is a well-known cafe situated in the art district of Bombay, India. Part cafe, part art gallery, it is known for its freshly baked food and coffee.

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Some initial explorations and process sketches I created using inspiration from the 6 keywords. These keywords were words thought represented the cafe. The keywords were - Handcrafted, Local, Homegrown, Soulful, Community, Intimate, Modern Rustic, Art, Photography. During the process, I realized that simplicity was also a key factor and I went on to simplify my illustrations.

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Logo Final -09.jpg

क - Devnagri script of 'K'

Logo Final -07.jpg

Homegrown ingredients

Logo Final -12.jpg

Art Gallery

Logo Final -11.jpg

Locally handcrafted beans

Logo Final -10.jpg

Freshly brewed coffee

Logo Final -08.jpg

Ghoda translates to horse


Keeping in mind the minimal aesthetic followed by the cafe, I designed a series of illustrations to showcase their specialties. Kala Ghoda cafe is also known for using locally grown Indian produce.  Each illustration symbolized a unique characteristic. 

Logo Final -13.jpg

Type Study &

Colour Scheme 

Their typography was crucial and confusing. Given the size of their cafe and display, I chose a condensed yet easily readable typeface. The colour scheme is inspired by the calm and peaceful emotion that runs through your body on the first sip of their coffee. The pastels tones will help keep the focus on the art displayed at the cafe. 

GD - Images-03.jpg

Pictorial Portrait

To further, I created a pictorial portrait representing the key features of the cafe. This portrait identifies and amplifies the cafe's unique characteristics and qualities; it provokes high viewer interest and produces a memorable, lasting impression.